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If you would like to join the society please get in touch.   We always welcome new members of all ages and abilities to sing and perform with us.  There are no auditions, apart from those for principal parts in our show.


During the first part of the year we have our concerts, which we rehearse for, and our informal club nights, where you can try things out for yourselves.  We often have other fund-raising activities too.  Just come along on a Friday night and see what's going on (see the ABOUT US page).


The second part of the year leads up to our show in November, and here we need not only performing members but people to help off-stage too.  Before the show there may be scenery to be sorted, props to be made and collected, backstage areas to organise. During show week there are front-of-house activities like welcoming the audience and selling programmes.  Performance week can be hectic, but is lots of fun!

If you are a pianist who could play for rehearsals, or know someone who could be, please let us know.  You are like gold dust !

So give us a ring or an email, or simply fill in the form below with any enquiries. Thanks!

Society Secretary -

Kathryn Buxton 

01484 301291


Society Chairman - 

Stephanie Bolton

01422 381931

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